About Us

We are an award winning creative company based in Hampshire, who manage all creative and technical elements needed to deliver a high quality event. 

For more than 15 years we have been realising visions by staging memorable productions in cities across the UK and Europe. From the grand to the ground-breaking, the anarchic to the glamorous, from the intimate to the immense, trust in TSE Creative Productions to deliver a show-stopping spectacle for you.

We are.....

  • Cost Effective - We work with you and your budget, no matter it's size. We bring added value through our experience and ideas, ensuring you get the best results possible. 
  • Personable and Friendly - with all our projects being produced by the people you meet throughout the production process and these include some of the most creative, confident and experienced professionals that our industry has to offer. We work closely with you to understand your brief, aims and vision.
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable - With all team members bringing a wealth of knowledge to the development of our events and shows. Having successful backgrounds in performance, we know what works best for audiences and how best to fulfil your expectations.

Did you know?

  • We produced the 1st West End musical productions on a cruise line in the Baltic Sea.
  • We staged the 1st ever theatrical production to take place in UNESCO World Heritage site Westminster Hall, UK Houses of Parliament.
  • We were selected to produce the opening ceremony for the inaugural School Games event, which has since rolled out across the UK as an annual event.
  • We launched and produced the inaugural Creative Expo exhibition.

Our passion is bringing your vision to life!